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What is Project VidX?
More and more Vloggers are joining YouTube and uploading their content's everyday. With the latest update of YouTube to its requirements for a channel to get monetized, small time vloggers have a very hard time getting their channels monetized. Some of the small vloggers really had to work always on their spare time, doing live streaming just to reach the 4000 watch hours requirements in time, but it is just simply not enough. Many of their views obtained from their visitors do not qualify and YouTube will remove them after it was audited.
Most of the reasons why their views get deleted is because many of their viewers do not watch up to the required length to qualify, and many still are repeat viewing which, YouTube treat as poor quality views.
Project VidX is a free Advertising Service offered by VR Resource and Allied Services designed to boost Vloggers revenue providing thousands of quality views to a submitted videos.
Project VidX is offering services similar to view for sale services, only, it is absolutely free. Users earn credits by viewing videos uploaded by other users. Credits earned will then be used to boost his own videos hosted in YouTube.
We are committed in providing organic and quality views to your Videos, with that in mind, we designed Project VidX to take advantage of the YouTube's Application Programming Interface (API), ensuring organic, and quality views to your contents.
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